Access to all the individual pages of participants is from the Participant Pages

Here are some suggestions and guidelines for editing your page and commenting on others:

  • This is a collaborative activity where you have been given access to the Wiki. Please be respectful of the work of others. Only edit your own page but feel free to add to the discussion on the pages of others.
    If you do not respect others you will lose your membership of the Wiki.
  • Once you have joined the wiki and have a page set up in your name you should see it on the list of <All Pages> on the left of the screen. Once you have signed in you can go to that page and edit. To have access to the editing facility you should click on the button inside the red rectangle on the screen shot below (the red rectangle has been added to the screen shot to show you).


  • you should now see more options in the lefthand menu (inside the red rectangle) and the edit button on the right top (inside the red circle


  • To see and post the discussion on a page click on the button top right inside the red circle on the screen shoot below. The red rectangles show you where to click to post a new topic "Post New"or to respond to an existing one by clicking on its Subject.