About ISCAR 2014

The 4th International Congress of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research

Website: http://www.iscar2014.com/

Held only once every three years, the conference of the International Society of Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR) is coming to Sydney in 2014. It will bring together a diverse group of international experts, researchers and practitioners in many fields of endeavour who take a holistic and contextual view of what people do using the tools available to them. Although ISCAR covers a broad range of research tradition, it is a special meeting place for Activity Theorists. Activity Theory has evolved over nearly a century to provide a framework for understanding the development of individual and collective human activity. Until recently, Activity Theorists have viewed language as the most significant tool to mediate human activity. However since the advent of the digital age where computers, the Internet and all manner of mobile devices have become integral to our lives, many Activity Theorist have become fascinated with the impact that these tools have had on all aspects of our existence. Conversely many people in information technologies (IT) have turned to Activity Theory in efforts to make sense of the transformational phenomena that have followed the unprecedented growth of IT.