This is the wikispace for me, Daniel Adler. I am a PhD candidate and Research Assistant at UTS DAB in Sydney, researching the management of projects from an activity theoryperspective. The first question I am usually asked is which projects? To which I answer all and any. As the project is an increasingly preferred method of organising people, and is branching out well beyonds its roots in the military and construction, I am interested in seeing how this 'activity' continues to be adapted in real life situations.

Part of this journey has allowed me to explore the last 50 years of publications into project management through use of scientometrics and bibliometrics which produced quite complex visualisations of the links between authors and their choice of keywords. Examples of this are the periods 1962 - 1980 , 1981 - 1990 ,
1991 - 2000 , and 2001 - 2010 . When viewing these interactive images it can take some time for the resolution to adjust so you might need to be patient.

I also plan on applying this to activity theory research to bring to life, through visualisation, the diversity of interests pursued with this simple yet profound theory, and would like to do so collaboratively, if anyone is interested.

me on fraser island next to the maheno wreck……..