Facebook - Social Media AT

A Facebook group has been set up for this group:
  1. Facebook is a social media space, so we can discuss how it is used both alone and with other social media sites.
  2. As another avenue of communication for this group in the lead up to the ISCAR congress and pre-congress workshop.

How to join the group:

1. The group is called "Social Media AT" (https://www.facebook.com/groups/732865006775880/)
2. You will need to join Facebook if you have not already done so (this is free)
3. Search for "Social Media AT"
4. When you first visit the group page you will members but no posts. The group has been set up as a closed group, which means that only members can post messages or read messages.
5. Click on the button towards the top right-hand corner: "Join Group" - this will send a message to Louise Hawkins-Waters (admin for group) who will grant you access.

Note: At this stage, the only people who will be granted access to this group are people who are members of this Wiki.