Dr Kate Crawford,

PhD (UNE), M. Ed, Dip Ed(U.Can), B. Pharm. (Usyd)
Director, Eviva Pty Ltd, www.eviva.com.au
Twitter: @kate_eviva
Email: kate@eviva.com.au

I am the director of a small consulting and research company Eviva Pty Ltd and have an ongoing link as an honorary Research Fellow to the University of Wollongong. I am currently working with a group to develop Mission Unicorn. This is a project to help people:
  • Understand, manage, and use the social dissonance of the current social, techncial,economic and cultural transitions
  • Change from hierarchical and highly competitive work practices and political systems to flatter, more agile, collaborative, and dynamic networked strategies
  • Be a participant in co-creating a sustainable and prosperous living culture for this century.

I generally work to support research, innovation and development projects in communities, business, government and universities. In the rapidly changing climate of the 21st century, I am committed to work with clients to understand the human dynamics of the rapidly changing social, economic, and cultural context of human activity to align it with shared goals, enable collaboration, and facilitate team work. The techniques used are based on extensive developmental research and designed to facilitate better communication, review of outcomes, effective knowledge flows, and higher levels of participation in all levels of effective innovation. I have a particular interest in facilitating communication and co-operation across traditional social boundaries as a means to cooperative innovation. In Australia this interest includes work to build bridges between the mainstream community and Indigenous Australians.